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In health Sharda Jeet Foundation is mainly focused on the Eyesight of people as it is the most important organ of our body and it is quite a difficult task to do work with no vision or less vision.

Generally the women of the underprivileged community earn by stitching and sewing and if they will have less vision and no proper medical equipments then it would become really difficult for them to work like that. Sharda Jeet helps people by giving Eye medical treatment like Spectacles i.e.

SJF is mainly focused on such problems. We operate timely Eyesight Camps to check what exactly the problem of a person is so that he/ she can later get it treated accordingly. We also provide them with the basic medical facilities such as medicines, eye drops, specks and referring them to the appropriate doctor according to their needs.

There is a reason behind choosing eyesight under health i.e. to make people fit for doing a job or some work which will increase their earnings and obviously they will lead a better life with clear vision.

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Our Activities

Our Contribution towards Health

Eye Care Camp Organized by Sharda Jeet Foundation

9, December 2021

Shardajeet Foundation Organized the Eyecare Health Camp in Dala Kalan Village Jharkhand, More than 400 Patients were treated in this camp & 140 patients got received the medicine and Spectacles. Our mission is to envision where people are enabled by good eyesight to attain their full potential.