Education Program


Even today a lot many children are unable to get access to even the basic education requirements. Government has opened up schools for these children but it lags in providing and completing all the requirements which are quite necessary for a child to study. These things include study materials like books, notebooks, pens, pencils, bags, etc.

Sharda Jeet Foundation focuses on such problems and tries to fill this gap between the children and their basic necessities for studies.

We obviously on our own and solely can’t achieve all of it. So, that is why we are open to all types of donations and contributions by any firm, individual or an organization. As SJF knows that we all can together contribute for the better future and better education of the underprivileged students.

Our Activities

Our Contribution towards Education

Distribution of Educational Material to Underprivileged Children

12, January 2022

Sharda Jeet Foundation organized the Mask & Sanitizer distribution & also provides educational material consisting of notebooks & pencils. Our mission is to provide with the necessary resources like books, pencil, notebooks, and scholarships to the selected students for the completion of their higher studies.